Ask as many as 5 questions in any of these areas and get the answers. 
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$ 2.99 cents (Rs. 135/-) per question   
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INDIAN VEDIC BIRTH CHART - 0.99 cents only!

Get your detailed Indian Vedic Birth chart, complete with Navamansha, Rashi (moon sign), Lagna (ascendant), your Nakshatra (constellation), your good and bad planets, and your dashas and mahadashas!
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DETAILED REMEDIES - $ 10.99 only!

Get detailed list of remedies with guidance for all kundali "doshas" or Sade Sati or any mahadasha. Detailed remedy report includes relevant mantras, pujas, and other rituals!

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1. Once you have made the payment, you can submit your questions here. Or you can email your questions to: info@indianastrohub.com

2. Please make sure you do not count two or more questions as one question. For example, look at this question:
"Will I go abroad? If yes when? and where?"
The above will be counted as three questions and not one. 

3. If you have any issues with payment, please email us at info@indianastrohub.com. We will send you an easy and secure link for the payment. 

4. Your answers/report will be emailed to you within 3 to 4 business days.