Akshaya Tritiya - Part 1

posted May 17, 2011, 5:54 PM by Alok Sharma
In the month of Baisakh, in Shukla paksh,on the third tithi falls the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya. According to Hindu texts, any good karma accumulated on this day gives Akshay (indestructible) result.

Although Shukla Paksh Tritiyas of all twelve months are auspicious but the one falling in Baisakh month is the most auspicious of them all. According to Bhavishya Puran, Satyug started on this tithi itself. Lord Vishnu took the avtar (incarnation)of Nar-Narayan, Parshu Ram and Hayagriva on this day itself.

On this day, Badri Nath and Shri Lakshmi Narayan are worshipped. In the famous holy place of Badri Nath, the gates are open throughout the day. In Banke Bihari Temple at Vrinadavan, you can take darshan of Shri Vigrah. And Dwapar Yug was also supposed to have ended on Akshaya Tritiya as well. Hence, any good deeds performed on this day are never destroyed.

It is believed that on this day, you can perform all tasks without worrying about the Muhurat. tasks like, wedding, house-warming, buying property, vehicles, jewellry, etc. Taking a dip in River Ganges on this day washes away all the sins. If this occasion falls on a Monday and in Rohini Nakshatra, then this occasion becomes doubly auspicious. This tithi is auspicious from Madhyanh till Pradosh.

On this day, one should get up early and pray to Lord Vishnu and have Chana Dal and cucumber in breakfast. One should perform charity and pray for forgiveness for all the sins of self and the family.

On this day, spring season ends and it's the start of summer season. That is why, it is a tradition to donate pot full of water and handheld fans. It is believed that whatever one donates on this day, one shall receive the same things in next life.