Eclipses of 2011

posted Jun 2, 2011, 3:42 PM by Alok Sharma   [ updated Jun 2, 2011, 3:57 PM ]

Chandra Grahan and Surya Grahan (eclipses) in 2011

Solar eclipse occurs at Amavasya (New Moon) when Moon comes between Sun and the Earth. Lunar eclipse occurs on a Poornima (Full Moon) when Sun comes between the Moon and Earth. 


1. January 4th - Partial solar eclipse


2. June 1st - Partial solar eclipse is falling on Rohini Nakshatra and Vrishabh Rashi (Taurus). It will not be visible in India. Therefore, it will have no effects in India. 


3. June 15th - Lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan). It will be visible in Indian all night long. During this grahan, here are the times:

                    Sparsh Kaal: 11:52 PM

                    Madhya Kaal: 1:42 AM

                    Moksha: 3:32 AM

Apart from India, it will be also visible in Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South America, Europe and Australia. This Chandra Grahan will occur in 4th Pad of Jyeshtha, in Vrishchik Rashi and will remain till Moon and Grahan enter Dhanu, 1st Pad of Mool Nakshatra. It is advised that people with rashi Vrishchik and Dhanu should avoid watching this eclipse

Since there are two eclipses within 15 days of each other, there is a possibility of earthquake or some other natural disaster in the world.  

4. July 1st - Partial solar eclipse

5. November 25th - Partial solar eclipse

6. December 10th - Total lunar eclipse