Effects of Shani - Part III

posted Jun 14, 2011, 6:01 PM by Alok Sharma

These are the results which a person may expect when Shani is transiting the Lagna (Ascendant) in the horoscope:

1. It causes hard work, knowingly or unknowingly. 

2. Gains are lesser than normal.

3. More struggles and trials.

4. It causes a person to be emotionally strong by doing away with dependencies. One cannot expect a free meal in this period. 

5. It causes a person to become reserved, and raises self- independence and self-confidence. 

6. Promotes planning for new projects and new developments. 

Struggles and trials in a person's life is directly related to the position and lordship of Shani in his or her horoscope. Whether the effects of Shani will be good or bad, these are written down in the birth chart. 

When a person feels restless and anxious, then it naturally means that that person's job in this world is not yet over. There is no fulfillment in life so that person will need to make appropriate changes and perform hard work to achieve it. 

When someone feels lonely, then he moves away from outer world and searches for a world inside himself or herself. And this is how that person's spiritual journey begins, to find the meaning of life in this lonely world. Ideas and spirituality start coming out from within. 

Actually, Saturn only acts as a mirror. It does not cause any bad or good deeds by itself. Saturn will make you think about yourself and who you are. Initially, you may not like what you see in that mirror. But Saturn will make you face the reality, it may cause some trouble initially but this is where the true mettle of a person comes forth. It tests you by taking away things you have taken for granted and makes you work for them.

Towards the end, when Saturn is going away it will give back everything it had taken but it also gives you the most valuable gift - self confidence and a foundation for self development. Hence, a period of Saturn may be full of struggles but it is absolutely essential for the development of a better and beautiful tomorrow.