Hindu Mythology Series - Immortals

posted May 14, 2011, 12:21 PM by Alok Sharma   [ updated May 25, 2011, 7:54 PM ]
Today's article is about one of the most intriguing legends in Hinduism. According to Hinu mythology, there are 8 humans which are blessed with eternal life. They are - 

1. Parashuram
2. Ashwathama
3. King Bali 
4. Ved Vyas
5. Hanumaan Ji
6. Vibhishana
7. Kripacharya
8. Markandeya Muni

These immortals still roam the earth in human form. Some of them have this immortality as a blessing, while others are cursed and cannot find the peace that death brings. And then there are others who are here to protect the mankind and their devotees. But each of them have special powers which can be harnessed for our benefit. So, how can we utilize their powers?

By following this simple ritual. Each year, on your birthday, take out some time to remember these great immortals and seek their blessings.  By doing this simple ritual every year, you will drastically improve your health, age and overall progress in life. Just knowing that Lord Hanuman is here on earth will give a boost to your self confidence, and will make you lose all your unfounded fears. Remembering these legendary immortals will also remind you of all the things they stood for and what you can learn from their lives.