Holy Cow!

posted May 14, 2011, 12:24 PM by Alok Sharma
Cow has a special place in Hindu religion. She is considered to be in the same level as gods and demigods. Hindu texts say that all 33 crore demigods (devtas) reside in her body. What this actually means is that cow gives out a high amount of positive energy which can be compared to all 33 crore devatas combined! 

And why not? Each and every part of gau mata is so useful to us. Her milk is nutritious, the milk products such as butter and ghee delicious, especially for kids who need all the protein, iron and calcium while growing up! Lord Krishna's love of milk and his antics to get to his beloved treat of makhhan (butter) are well documented! Even cow's waste products are useful. Cow-urine is known to have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. And cow dung is used as a fuel and as manure to increase land fertility. Cow is truly a survival kit in herself. No wonder she was, and still is, so revered by Hindus. In fact, even coming close to her shadow is said to take a man's pains and troubles away. It has been a provider to humans in every way. 

So how can we use all this positive energy that this benign animal has to offer? By respecting and caring for her. One should try to serve her and be in her close proximity. One should choose to protect her and if possible raise a few cows in their backyard or farmhouses. She will give you a thousand times more than what you invest in serving her.