Shani Jayanti

posted May 31, 2011, 5:45 PM by Alok Sharma   [ updated May 31, 2011, 6:17 PM ]

Shani Jayanti
(birthday of Lord Saturn) is Wednesday, June 1 of this year as per Hindu Panchang. This occasion falls on Amavasya (new moon) of Baisakh month every year. That is why it is also known as "Shani Amavasya". It is a very important festival and several rituals and prayers are performed which can be very beneficial to humans. Please read on to learn these rituals. 

The main benefit of praying to Shani Dev is that it removes all the bad effects of your horoscope (kundali). Here are some remedies you can perform on this day:

1. Visit a temple where you can find Shani Dev or Navgrah (nine planets). Pray to Shani Dev by performing "Abhishek" with oil. 

2. Donate clothes and shoes.

3. Take a handful of Urad daal (pulse), rotate it 7 times over your head, and release it into moving water. Perform this ritual 21 times. 

4. Perform a "Shani Yagya"

5. Wear a ring on your middle finger made out of a horse shoe. The horse should be black. It is commonly available in grocery stores in India.

6. Fix a horse shoe on your main door. Again, make sure the shoe is taken from a black horse.

7. Chant these mantras and meditate - "Ohm Shan Shanaishcharay Namah" and "Ohm Pram Preem Praum Sah Shanaishcharay Namah"

8. If you can, fast the whole day. 

With these rituals and prayers you will reap huge benefits. It will lessen or totally remove all the bad effects on Shani from your horoscope. You will gain prosperity and progress in life. Good luck!