Savan Somvaar

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“Shravan Pujyet Shivam”


According to Vedic tradition, the month of shravan is dedicated to Lord Shivji. Hence during this holy month, people fast on Mondays, Shiv Chaudash and celebratre “Chhadi Mubarak”. Amarnath yatra begins during this month and pilgrims from Rishikesh, Gomukh and Haridwar take part in the Kanwad Yatra as well .


Prayers for Shiv ji


Vedas describe two ways of praying to Shivji.

·         Panchopchar Puja

·         Shodashopchar Puja


Before performing puja, devotees should take a bath, wear clean clothes, apply ashes on the forehead and wear rudraksh.


Panchopchar Puja

As indicated by the name, this prayer has five major ingredients. 

1.       Chandan (Sandalwood)

2.       Pushp (Flowers)

3.       Dhoop (Incense)

4.       Deep (Lamp)

5.       Naivedya (Fruits)

That is why this puja is called Panchopchar Puja.


Shodashopchar Puja

This prayer has sixteen (16) major ingredients, hence the name – Shodashopchar Puja. These are:

1.       Avaahan

2.       Aasan

3.       Padhya

4.       Arghya

5.       Snaan

6.       Abhishek

7.       Aachman

8.       Vastra, Upvastra

9.       Gandh, Akshat

10.   Pushp , Belpatra

11.   Dhoop

12.   Deep

13.   Paan Supari

14.   Fal

15.   Dakshina

16.   Aarti


It is said that Lord Shivji is especially fond of rudrabhishek. In this ritual, devotees perform abhishek by pouring an unbroken stream of water/milk on shivling. According to the hindu scripture Shiv Purana, devotees can expect the following results using different abhishekas:

a)      Abhishek by water :                         Rain

b)      Abhishek by kush water:                   Disease cure

c)       Abhishek by sugarcane juice:            Financial gains

d)      Abhishek by honey:                         Unlimited wealth

e)      Abhishek by milk:                            Birth of a son

f)       Abhishek by Ganga jal:                     Moksha (nirvana)

g)      Abhishek by sharbat:                       Jealousy cure    

h)      Abhishek by Sesame oil:                   Enemy destruction

i)        Abhishek by ghee:                           All wishes

It is not hard to please Bhole baba. Even if you do not have, or cannot afford above ingredients, then just chant “Ohm Namah Shivay” by pouring an unbroken stream of water through a lota (vessel).


Important things to be noted

1.       Prayers can be performed to Shivji anytime of the day, but an hour before and after sunset are considered the best.

2.       In the month of shravan (or savan), one should pray to Shivji everyday. But especially on each Monday, Triyodashi and Shiv Chaudas.

3.       Lord Shiva is fond of bhasma (ashes), laal chandan (red sandalwood paste), rudraksh, bhang, bel patra and aak fruit.

4.       Although Shiv pujan is performed using Vedic rituals, but a common person can perform the puja by chanting “Ohm Namah Shivay” or “Ohm

     Namo Bhagwate Rudray” while performing the abhishek.

5.       After puja, reciting Shiv Mahima Stotra, Shiv Tandav Stotra and Rudrayak is considered beneficial.

6.       Shivji is also fond of Kaner (Oleander) flowers.

7.       At the end of your prayer, perform half a revolution of the shivling, offer flowers, and do not take any prasad.


Shravan is a holy month, make sure you pray to Shivji and reap the benefits!