Will My Married Life Be Good?

posted May 3, 2012, 6:57 PM by Alok Sharma
One of the most common questions we get on our website is related to marriage. Many young men and women are curious what life holds for them especially their love life. Marriage can be a big decision, and how your life partner will be will have a big impact on your life. Will your future husband be handsome, will he support your career? Is your future wife going to be pretty and will she be supportive of you? All these questions matter a lot.

Vedic Astrology has been used not only to answer above questions but also to check if a certain match is favorable or not. Many times quickly arranged marriages are decided in a hurry on in passion but they fail mainly because the kundli matching process was not completed.  Even if someone does not believe in astrology, the process of matching kundlis gives an opportunity to pause and sit down with your elders and evaluate the compatibility of the prospective match in detail. This process of sittign down with yoru elders and with your family priest is very useful as the match gets blessed by everyone.

Seventh house in a birth chart represents partnerships in life of a person including marriage and love life. The planets present in that house, position of the lord of the seventh house and other planets aspecting the seventh house determine how good or bad the love life will be. Time of marriage and love affairs depend on the Dashasof these planets.

Apart from above mentioned factors, the position of Venus and Jupiter also play important role in this regard. Jupiter represents the Saubhagya or Suhag (husband) in the birth chart of a female. Similarly position of Venus represents wife in a man’s birth chart. Along with above considerations, one must always consider the effect ofNavamansha and other charts along with the natal chart.

When analyzing compatibility between two persons, there is a unique system developed by Indian astrologers known as kundli matching point system, which compares the two individuals along eight different traits. They are given points based on how compatible these traits are and a maximum of 36 points can be achieved. The higher points a couple receives, the better chances of them being compatible.

If you want to know if a match is right for you then you can ask us here. Or, if you want a detailed analysis on what lies ahead in your love life, click here. Vedic astrology is a very powerful tool and has helped millions achieve harmony in life. If your married life is in disarray or in disharmony, we highly recommend you receive some help here.

Manglik is another term which is used frequently and unfortunately has been the cause of needless worry and panic. Many marriage- related talks have broken down over this issue when it could have been resolved very easily. A manglik person is someone whose seventh house is afflicted by Mars. Either the planet is present in that house or is aspecting that house. But many times this effect gets cancelled which astrologers fail to report due to ignorance or for their own gains. For example the effect gets cancelled if there is a similar condition present in the partners chart. Moreover, many times manglik issue can be easily resolved by performing some easy remedies and pujas. If you want to know if you are a manglik, or need remedies for the same, please click here.

Ultimately, a successful marriage depends on mutual trust respect and understanding. Like anything else you must work hard to develop a good relationship and a good marriage. All the best and may God bless you!