Monday May 30, 2011

Rashiphal (Indian horoscope) based on your moon sign                                      
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Good day for competitive exams and studies. Success at work, which may make your colleagues jealous. Handle them carefully and avoid arguments.

Today you should will receive the results based on your hardwork. Do not expect a free lunch today. Keep a watch on your health.

A day where you should be happy to have friends who support you and help you out. Some disputes may happen with neighbors, deal carefully, avoid disputes.

A change in job is on the cards. Overconfidence may hurt you today, be careful at work and business.  

Good day at work, you will receive support from your senior associates over your ideas. So make sure you do not disappoint them. Watch out for mother's health.  

A good day for finances. Some income sources are on the cards. Please do not delay in resolving your marital issues if they are a problem. 

Good day for improving relations with relatives and neighbors. Auspicious and religious deeds in family are favored. Morning walk is recommended.

A good day to launch new projects and new business plans. But make sure you gain knowledge and do all the research before you jump in. Family disputes might come up.

It's going to be good day for professionals. Environment at work will be great and productive. Expenses will be high. Try to avoid the same.

Good day for partnerships at work or business. Romantic relationships will be pleasant.  Beware of telling lies today else you will have to pay.

You are preparing for a new project in your life, you need to trust yourself and build self confidence. Issues at marital life may arise.

For those who are unmarried, there is a good chance of progress in marriage related matters. Others may get a job offer away from home. Take care of your eyes.