Saturday June 4, 2011

Rashiphal (Indian horoscope) based on your moon sign                                      
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Focus on achieving your goals and don't get distracted with other activities that waste your time. Watch your diet as it may cause stomach related issues.  

Income opportunities will be abound today. But also keep a watch on your expenses. Organize your personal life and finances.

Overall a good day full of enjoyment and opportunities. So make you are not lazy when opportunity knocks. 

Good day for changing career path. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your friends. They will also be your support if you are feeling down. 

Today is a day you should fulfill all your responsibilities and not leave them for tomorrow. Be it family or work. Keep your mind focused on the job.  

Income opportunities will be abound today. Issues at work may wear you down. Try to solve your problems by out-of-the-box thinking. 

Time to perform household chores today with family. It can also be fun filled and a way to spend some quality time. Finances are looking good. 

Today you should think before you speak your mind as you may end up hurting someone close to you. Make sure you do proper research before you invest money. 

Concern for health continues today. Please take any precaution that you can against allergies and headaches. Exercise your body and mind for health benefits.

Spending time with family will bring joy today. Home environment will be full of harmony. But your emotions should not interfere with taking decisions.

It will be a good day for your love life. Keep a watch on your health by controlling your diet. Avoid any mental stress today.

It will be a good day to spend time with spouse, who will support you and will make you happy today. Any decision should be much deliberated.