Sunday June 5, 2011

Rashiphal (Indian horoscope) based on your moon sign                                      
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Control your anger as it may harm your relations. Gains in the field of business are also expected.

Travel and travel plans are favored today. Also a good time for property deals and vehicle purchases.

You will come across sudden gains and income opportunities. Use the day off to organize your life and home for a better coming week. 

Healthy body and healthy mind is applicable for you today. Make use of the day, go out and have fun. Health of a loved one may cause some worry.

A day off is meant for relaxation but it may become stressful due to issues related to your kids, or their demands. Keep your focus on that new project you have in mind. 

Some issues will arise for those who are working today. Listen to the advise of your parents, especially your mother. They mean well.

Another good day for progress in romantic matters. Keep it smooth. Use the day off to plan your coming work week to achieve your goals.  

To keep your energy level high, it is recommended that you leave the bed early and get some fresh air. It will brighten your day up and keep you distracted from all the worries. A good day for matters of the heart. 

For those at work, be careful of your subordinates as they may increase your troubles rather than being helpful Be tactful in dealing with them. Romance is in the air, so make use of the opportunity.

A morning walk or meditation goes a long way in brightening up the day and keeping negative thoughts away. Do all that you do to keep yourself happy and focus on overcoming the obstacles that have been bringing you down.

Students should use this to catch up on things they missed or for revising their work. Ordinary day for finances. 

Good day for investments, but make sure you research it first. Spend time with family and discuss matters which have been keeping you in a dilemma.