Thursday June 2, 2011

Rashiphal (Indian horoscope) based on your moon sign                                      
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Chances of foreign travel is good for those hoping for an education abroad. Avoid disputes with siblings. Business is profitable and finances are good. 

Ordinary day for finances. If your love life is not going as you expect then you need to communicate your feelings more. Things will not progress if you bottle everything up.  

Finance continues to be good today. Some trouble at home front may cause stress and will be harmful to your health. Resolve the issues calmly. Meditate for composure. 

Finances will be good and there will be income opportunities. But at the same time there will be a lot of expenses. Health worries of a female family member may arise.

It is a good day overall. Finances are looking good. Romance and marital life will be positive. Business will be profitable. Travel will bring gains.   

Keep working on your marital issues for a harmonious resolution. Muscular pain might be an issue today, take proper precautions for your health.    

Finance and accumulation of wealth is favored today. Health is good and you will adjust well to new surroundings or a change in lifestyle. 

A good day overall. Gains in all fields. Love life will be favorable today. So things are great, do not let some minor things bring you down, keep your head high.  

Chances of foreign travel are favorable. Family life will be pleasant and harmonious. Some obstacles might come up but face them with courage. 

Finance and investments are favored again today. Health issues may persist, do not neglect them. 

You should work on your personal relations and tread carefully in those areas. Same goes for your marital life, try to resolve issues harmoniously and maturely. 

Finance continues to be favorable. Investment opportunities may be utilized. Health will be good. Expect some positive developments at work.