Tuesday May 31, 2011

Rashiphal (Indian horoscope) based on your moon sign                                      
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Deal with your colleagues tactfully and be friendly with them. You may experience joint pains. Take long walks and avoid cold things.

Partnerships will be fruitful today, be it work or business. Job changes may occur but they may bring some new sources of income. 

Do not misuse your powers today, if you hold an office. It may be damaging to your reputation in society. Stay focused in your work related goals.

Romantic affairs may turn into marriage. Time is favorable for trips, business related trips will be profitable. Please be careful while driving.

You will entertain a guest today with your family. Property and real estate deals should be avoided for the time being. Investing is also to be postponed for the time being. 

At work you might have made some enemies. Do not be afraid and face them with all your might. You will soon make new friends. Mother's health may be an issue.

A good day for marital life. Spouse will be helpful and supportive. Business will be profitable. 

For your new projects, make sure your ideas are not half baked. There may be some family disputes related to property. Deal tactfully.

Expenses continue to be high. Today you might spend on home maintenance. Try to avoid all needless expenses and losses. There may be some gain from government.

Time for investment is favorable. You may buy shares and expect gains, but make sure you research them well. Business will be profitable today. 

Students may have to go away from home for educational purposes. At the same time, they have to concentrate on their studies. Expect gains from your brother.

Career opportunities are good for the day. If eye troubles still persist, consult a doctor. Beware of sudden losses.