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Sample Question 1I lost my job recently. When will I get a new one?

Birth Chart Details:
 8:35 PM
New Delhi, India

Sample Answer 1
You lost your job in Moon's antardasha (subperiod) under Sun. This occured around November 2010. Things will look up when Mars antardasha begins from Jan 2011.  That subperiod of Mars under Sun is destined to bring you the good news!
Please continue the hard work and it is sure to pay off in very near future. We wish you all the very best in your endeavors.
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Sample Question 2 When will I get married and what will my future husband be like? 

Birth Chart Details:
8- November-1982
6:00 AM
New Delhi, India

Sample Answer 2 : The seventh house of your birth chart is ruled by Mars. And currently, you have dasha (period) of Mars underway. There is a very strong chance you will get married in this period. Chances get even stronger in February-March timeframe. You are likely to get involved with someone romantically and that affair will convert into an arranged marriage. 
Your husband will be very handsome, have a good professional status with a well-balanced personality. All the very best for your marital life!

Sample Question 3 My current financial situation has turned very bad. When will it improve, if ever?

Birth Chart Details:
5:00 AM
Bhatinda, Punjab, India

Sample Answer 3 : Don't worry, your finances are bound to improve. Please continue in your current businesss and do not change your field. You will see the tide turning around June 2010. You will have tons of business and work, you will get a house and your debts will be all paid off. So, don't loose hope, good times are just round the corner!

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