What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is the Indian (Hindu) system of astronomy and astrology. For thousands of years, this science has been developed and perfected by Indian astrologers and mathematicians. Its detailed calculations account for all planetary movements correctly and hence allow highly accurate predictions.

Why Indian Astro Hub?

We have helped hundreds achieve harmony in their life and success in their goals. Unlike other websites where you get generic computer-generated reports, with us each case is given personal attention by our astrologers. We provide predictions, remedies as well as counseling so that you reach your true potential. 

Getting the predictions with us are simple! Just check out the reports below which match your needs. Or send us your queries and we will get back to you with our quote at info@indianastrohub.com

Free Non-Astrology Counseling

Our mission is more than just Astrology. We want to help people by raising their spiritual awareness. Many users have problems that can be easily solved by providing proper guidance. Ask us anything related to relationships, career, education or spirituality for FREE. Just like us on facebook below and ask away! Sometimes just talking to someone can help. 

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Consultation Reports

Four Question Bundle

Ask 4 questions in any one of the areas:-
job, education, business, marriage, love
and get accurate and to the point answers.

                  Price: $49.99 only
                  Sample Report



Single Question

Ask a single question in any area and
get your questions answered accurately.

                  Price: $14.99 only 

Vastu Report

If your family life is in disharmony, or if your business 
is not up to the mark, then we can help you by 
analyzing your home or workplace to harmonize the energies. Check out a real case we analyzed for a restaurant. 

                  Price: $99.99 only
                  Sample Report



Hindu Calendar

Festivals, fasts and events. 



Shubh Kaal, Rahu Kaal, Planets, Rashis.

Marriage/Love Compatibility

Horoscopes matched over 8 categories for a total of 
36 points along with any doshas and their possible 
remedies. Or get your love life analyzed in detail, know
how your love life and your future life partner would be like. 

                  Price: $49.99 only
                  Sample Report 

Annual Report (Varshphal)

Get your annual report for the next year and know
your the predictions in all areas of your life:-
job, education, business, marriage, love

                  Price: $99.99 only
                  Sample Report


Talk to our Astrologer over Phone!

Make an appointment with our astrologer and
get your questions answered over the phone!
No waiting and ask as many questions you want!

                 5 minutes -   $ 19.99 only

                15 minutes -  $ 49.99 only

                30 minutes -  $ 89.99 only



Vedic Birth Chart

Kundali with Lagna, Rashi and Dashas. 

Price $ 19.99 only

Learn Astrology

Articles on Astrology and Hinduism. 


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