Weekly Horoscope

Rashiphal (Indian horoscope) based on your moon sign  

Avoid anger and stay away from disputes. Good week for studies but beware of health issues and business problems. Take care in daily activities. 

Religious activities this week. Expenses in home decoration and chances of promotion at work. Obstacles in studies. Change in profession possible. On Thursday donate 'chana dal'. 

Control your emotions and what you say. Avoid anger. Concern regarding children's health. Postpone new business plans.  

Daily life disturbance. Anxiety and laziness may cause problems. Be nice to your superiors and students should concentrate on studies. 

Low interest at work. Mind your own business and be careful of your diet. Drive carefully. Good week for studies.  

Good news from children and good week for business persons. New business ventures should be patient regarding profits.  

Disappointment and anxiety may trouble you. Practice yoga/ pranayam. Students must put in extra effort for success. Offer water to rising sun.  

Stress due to delay in work. Some new obstacle may come up. Ordinary week for students and business persons. Drive carefully. 

Disturbance in daily routine and problems in business. Student can expect good result. Concern regarding spouse's health. 


High spirits and gains in professional front. Luck is favoring you. Opportunities will knock your door this week. 

Avoid disputes and control your anger, especially against your superiors. Gains in business but postpone new ventures. Excessive travel may cause stress. Reside 'hanuman chalisa' on Tuesday and Saturday. 

Avoid anger and laziness at work and for studies. Good week for business and new ventures. Avoid gas and acidity causing food.