What is Vedic Astrology

"Yatha sikha mayuranam,naga naam manayo yatha,
Tad Vedang Shastranam jyotisummurdhnisthatam"

"Vedic astrology
 is the eyes of  vedic sciences,
it is above all the parts of vedas, its a bridge between The all mighty God and His creatures"

(Varahamir in Panch Siddhantika)

All matter in this universe is governed by the laws of physics. Every heavenly body exerts some influence on the other, and this interaction between bodies has created the universe we live in. Hence, we humans do not live without an influence from the sun, moon and the other planets of our solar system .

Each planet has a exters a characteristic radiation and a force. If decoded, we can get clues about how a persons physical, mental and spiritual aspects are being influenced. This is done by the use of "dashas" (periods) of planets in a birth chart. A good interpretation by an experienced astrologer can be helpful in knowing about the persons characteristics including health, age, education, career, business, marriage, diseases and other events.

Vedic Astrology was founded by eighteen "maharishis" (scientifc researchers) and has been developed over thousands of years of research. Statistical data was collected over this period of time and was analyzed to come up with this powerful tool. Several people have benefitted from this powerful tool to harmonize their lives, get warnings and in taking major life decisions.